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Counseling Services for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer Community

Serving the diverse needs of our community in the Washington, DC metro area.  We are an experienced group of gay, lesbian and bisexual mental health professionals dedicated to meeting your unique counseling needs. 

Serving clients across the spectrum

LGBTQ Counseling was founded to promote awareness of the special skills our members offer to the LGBT community, their allies, and the general public.  Our membership collectively offers a range of services, experience, specializations, and expertise.  Beyond serving as a resource for those seeking therapy, we see ourselves as having a role in fostering the well-being of the LGBTQ community.

QUEERIES - A Journal of LGBTQ Reflections

Members of the LGBTQIA community experience unique challenges and for many, discrimination and bias are a part of daily life. They may need to create "chosen" families as support systems apart from their families of origin; face legal obstacles to adopting children; experience discrimination...

As I was reflecting on the upcoming LGBTQ+ Pride event in DC, Capital Pride, I thought back to some of last year’s events and messaging. I was reminded of the protest during last year’s parade by members of the Queer Community, including trans folks and People of Color...

Being a single parent is not easy.  When it comes to dating as a single parent, the struggle is real.  So, the day that you find yourself in love and thinking about merging your family with another, well, it is an unexpected and exciting day.  There are so many things...

THE SHAME CODEX  - A series of articles for individuals, families and clinicians who are working with abuse.


Ruth Bader-Ginsburg recently gave her opinion on a very modern yet age-old issue. "Every woman of my vintage knows ... "

A professor entered the classroom and asked his students to prepare for a surprise exam.  They all waited anxiously at their desks for the exam to begin.  The professor handed out the exam with the text face down as he usually did.   Once all the exams were handed out...

THE SHAME CODEX  - A series of articles for individuals, families and clinicians who are working with abuse.


Survivors of extreme abuse have almost certainly heard the same threat from their abusers; “Don’t tell anyone, or--”...

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