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Maria (Mela) del Carmen Puig-Casauranc,


Licensed Psychologist


   3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 400-B

   Washington, DC 20008


(Directly Across from the National Zoo)
Metrorail: A 0.5 mile walk (less than 10min.) from either Cleveland Park or Woodley Park Metro Stations on the Red Line.
Metrobus: Connecticut Avenue buses

Handicap accessible?  Yes


   Phone:  202.265.5522



   Spanish / English

   Perfil de la Dr. María en español hacer clic aquí

Dr. Maria del Carmen Puig-Casauranc is a licensed psychologist and a California native, who arrived in Washington, DC in 1977.  The love affair that she began with this town has not waned in all of this time, nor has the love she has for her profession which she has been practicing since 1971.  Mela has been privileged to have been invited during these many years on many incredible journeys and is constantly amazed of the courage her clients have demonstrated to embark and stay the course with their healing, learning, growing and evolution.


Mela considers herself the instrument by which music and magic is created on these private odysseys by her clients and so enjoy the happy melody which they ultimately create.  Not being a stranger to life’s difficulties and pain, Mela is very proud to have found a life-giving and sustaining way to express her gifts and talents in the service of those individuals who found their way to her office.  Regardless of the specific individual goals that each client identifies for themselves, finding the means to maintain balance in their lives, acquiring knowledge of their unique talents and skills as well as how to apply them to experience joy, satisfaction, and meaning in life, and to develop loving relationships are all outcomes common of her client’s experience with her.  Basically, Mela is mindful of how to assist her clients to go from SORE to SOAR.


During her graduate training, Mela received a wide exposure in the works of the more classical psychological theories most commonly associated with the “talk therapies”.  She has incorporated what today are referred to as the “power therapies” that are therapies which use knowledge of neurological processes and mind-body healing to produce deep and rapid shifts in psychological issues, emotional states, and at times to physical experiences.  Irrespective of how she determines to work with a client in their behalf, Mela is always cognizant of what their goals ultimately are and focused on how she might draw from her many approaches to serve them best. 


During her professional career Mela has held three academic appointments (Washington State, Colorado State and University of Maryland), been on staff of three mental health centers, consulted with many international organizations and embassies on a variety of issues and program offerings, and have occupied the same office suite in front of the National Zoo since l980. 


Mela says, “I do what is needed for my clients, when it is required, and I don’t know what that will look like until the moment arrives to respond.”  Her clients experience her as BEING THERE WITH THEM, accompanying them at their pace and speed, always mindful of working the most efficiently and respectfully as possible.  It is with joyous anticipation that she looks forward to continuing her practice for many years to come.




  • Individual, Couple, Family Counseling and Psychotherapy

  • Psycho-Dynamically Oriented Therapy Groups

  • Difficulty with Interpersonal Relationships-Attachment and Intimacy




  • Obsessive/Compulsive and Addictive Behaviors

  • Self-Esteem Issues

  • Personal Growth and Spirituality

  • Post-Traumatic Conditions

  • Anxiety and Depression in Adults

  • Chronic Pain Groups

  • Diabetic Support Groups




Over thirty years of clinical experience and training provides the bases to develop program offerings individualized to the needs of the corporate or organizational client. Specific offerings include, but not limited to:

  • Team building

  • Managing difficult co-workers

  • Stress Management

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Diversity Training-Multicultural, Sexual Orientation, and Gender




DC & MD—Licensed Psychologist
Special Training:



Though I am not involved in any managed care panels, if your insurance company provides you with mental health benefits, my degree and credentials are sufficient for you to receive your maximum reimbursement allotment. While I do the billing for my Medicare/Medigap clients, all other clients are responsible for filing their own paperwork for benefit purposes.




Call 202.265.5522 to schedule an appointment. Adults only.


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