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We usually think of psychotherapy as a one-on-one proposition, just you and the therapist.  But many find group therapy to be just as — or even more — effective than individual therapy.  Group psychotherapy is a therapy format where a group of 6 to 12 people with similar issues meet with a specially-trained therapist.  You improve not only from the comments of the therapist, but also from observing others in the group and receiving feedback from group members.

Unlike individual therapy sessions, group therapy offers you the opportunity to interact with others with similar issues in a safe, supportive environment.  You can try out new behaviors, role play, and engage with others in not only receiving valuable feedback and insight from other group members, but also in giving it.

A psychotherapy group is different from a support or self-help group in that it not only helps people cope with their problems, but also provides for change and growth.  The focus goes beyond alleviating symptoms to finding the underlying roots of your problems and changing those for the better.

Group therapy can be very effective.  Group therapy is a place where one can learn and grow in ways that you may be unable to in individual therapy.  Additionally, most people struggle with either conflict or intimacy if not both.  Group is a great way to better understand how to relate with others.

LGBT Counseling's member therapists facilitate the following groups:


Queer Women's Group (more info here)

A cognitive behavioral and interpersonal psychotherapy group for women who love women.

Take Care of Yourself: Escaping
 (more info here)

A diverse, mixed gender group designed to help you gain the tools needed to live a fulfilled life. This group offers tips for learning to love yourself, understand how to practice empathy, exude authenticity, expand the ability to feel and express emotion, establish boundaries, build confidence and fulfill your needs and wants.

Navigating Life Post-COVID: "Turning the Corner" for Re-Entry (more info here)

You are running a race that has been set before you, with an unknown endpoint. You face a constantly changing endurance course where unforeseen obstacles and surprises appear, where heading in the right direction requires vigilance and trust. You may feel depleted or discouraged, your performance suffering and causing injury to yourself or those around you. So you rely on others for guidance, support, and encouragement to renew your energy and motivation to stay the course. But you need fuel to perform. When you are depleted, what refuels your heart, mind, body, and faith? Let's discover it together.

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