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Like anyone, LGBTQ individuals can be faced with situations and challenges that would benefit from the kind of thorough exploration that can be accomplished through testing.  Time efficient, often testing can get to the heart of an issue sooner than later or bring clarity to what was otherwise a confusing conundrum.


Emotional Functioning


Both the severity of symptoms and the type of symptoms you may be suffering with can be highlighted for ease of treatment via testing.  There are almost an innumerable number of tests to explore and identify a myriad of psychological symptoms.  Being able to zero-in on your challenges can bring focus and clarity to the work of treatment.  Just a few of the common concerns people like you may need help with include relationship concerns, worry, obsessions, anxieties, sadness, loneliness, depression, self-esteem problems,  insomnia, addictions, codependence, ADHD, mood cycles, bipolarity, anger, suspiciousness, hallucinations and delusions.


Cognitive Functioning


Cognitive challenges can be developmentally based, arise from aging or be the result of brain injury/disease/deterioration.  Do you have a history of difficulty with school-based learning?  …wonder if you have ADHD?  …want to go to graduate school? …need to apply for disability? ...need to find a vocation or change careers?  Testing can easily help to clarify these questions and lead to new, more successful life paths.


Do you have memory problems?  …have you suffered a brain injury?  …had a stroke? …do you have multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or dementia?  These concerns/diagnoses, along with many others, can be easily explored by neuropsychological testing – a one on one process that is not particularly stressful and easily accomplished with emphasis placed service quality.  Testing can direct cognitive rehabilitation and/or cognitive accommodation strategies to improve quality of life and more successful living!


LGBTQ Counseling's members who provide psychological testing:

• Neuropsychological Testing
• Psychological Testing
• Psychoeducational Testing (Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
• Forensic Psychological and Forensic Neuropsychological Testing (Civil and Criminal pre- & post-trial)

- Risk Assessment
- Competency Assessment
- Criminal Responsibility Assessment
- Post-Trial Aide in Sentencing Assessment

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