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Until the end of March 2020, most psychotherapists were wary of phone or video sessions, given the uncertainties of licensing and insurance. But then everything changed overnight: the rules were waived for the public health emergency. Those therapists who made that overnight switch were glad not to have to abandon their clients, to be able to continue the work. We began to appreciate the gift of rapidly-burgeoning confidential video platforms like Zoom, Teladoc, and, and so did our clients, who no longer had to drive through DMV traffic
to get to appointments—and to get home. It is easier to open a link on your computer screen than to struggle with anxiety and depression, and the fear of contracting Covid-19. Clients and clinicians have found the work of therapy could often be done as effectively, sometimes even more so, with the client in the comparative safety of their own home. Phone or email the clinician of your choice to make an appointment.


This service is currently offered by all therapists.

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