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Couples Therapy
Gay Couple
Gay Family

When couples feel they can't solve their problems, they can feel stuck in a pattern of behaviors and emotions.  Learn how to identify the individual and couple patterns that contribute to your discomfort, and shift those patterns to add flexibility, trust, and positive emotional attachment to your relationship.

Relationships challenge us to be the best we can be.  In committed relationships we are asked to hold both a sense of self and to intimately connect with another.  When our sense of safety, identity, and connection is threatened, we react strongly, increasing our desire to control or reach out or to withdraw.  Couples counseling can identify patterns of behavior that create distance, often learned in our earlier relational experiences, and provide an environment to practice new behaviors that increase safety and closeness.

Couples seek therapy to deal with many issues:  commitment, communication, COVID stress, parenting, money, sex, anger management, chores, and more.  Being LGBTQ can add unique challenges.  Whether you are just entering a relationship, working to improve, or on the verge of leaving one, the therapists below have expertise working with couples and are ready help.      

LGBT Counseling's member therapists offering couples counseling:

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