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We’re Looking to the Future, by Catching Up With the Past

The pre-modern Hawaiians acknowledged 8 different forms of gender; our high tech world is only now beginning to catch up. Over the past 20 years, trans awareness has spread from continent to continent with the expansion of the internet as cyber brothers and sisters recognized themselves in one another. And in the last 10 years, our understanding of gender has become so much richer; the space between the binary is now being filled by the extraordinary range of identities formally referred to as gender nonconforming or non-binary. Individuals may call themselves “questioning,” “fluid,” or “gender queer,” or a host of other identifiers.

So we have added the “Q” to our name, LGBTQ Counseling, in acknowledgment of this inherent diversity, and as a sign of our respect for all forms of sexual orientation and gender identity.

It’s time!


We respect who you are and who you love.

You can call us with confidence that we understand.

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